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Campus Police Can Conduct Breath Analysis Tests

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — When school starts in a couple of weeks, high school students in the Shawnee Mission district will notice something different — campus police will now be able to do breath analyzer tests.

 Officers will be able use it on site at the district’s high schools.

 The Shawnee Mission Board of Education voted earlier this year to allow campus police to administer a breath analysis test to any student suspected of drinking alcohol. The test can be conducted on school grounds or at any school-sponsored function.

 The policy states that only a campus police officer can give the test and they must have probable cause to do so. The district said it has not had a serious problem with teen drinking.

“I don’t know that we saw a growing problem,” district spokeswoman Leigh Anne Neal said. “It’s been a topic of discussion for years. This provides us with a way that we can administer the test with a trained campus police officer.”

 “A lot of activities involving drinking occur at functions like basketball games and football games,” said high school parent Cecelia Currin. “If those kids leave, they are endangering their lives as well as others.”

Breath analysis tests will be in all Shawnee Mission high schools starting this fall.

“Parents may not be aware,” said parent Lisa Dujakovich. “It’s just one more way to protect them.”

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