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Most parents have experienced the back-to-school frenzy that starts at the beginning of August. From buying new backpacks, getting the “right “clothes, to making sure they have pens and pencils – parents do their best to help prepare their children for the new school year. But, the start of the school year isn’t only about equipping your children with school supplies to stock their lockers. It also means helping ease the stress kids can experience transitioning from summer vacation to going back to school.

Transition periods – like back to school, starting at a new school, divorce, and even financial trouble at home – can impact a child’s vulnerability to risky behaviors, including drugs and alcohol. A 2007 Partnership study of 6,500 teens indicated that the number one reason teens use drugs is to cope with school stress, and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the key risk periods for adolescent drug abuse are during major transition times in their lives.

To make transition times easier and healthier for your family, the National Association of School Nurses recommends allowing your child time to adjust. Whether taking time to get comfortable within a new classroom or adapting to a different group of friends, supporting your child through these life changes can help them along the way.

As a registered nurse and a mom, I know back-to-school time can be overwhelming, but with our support, we can help keep our children healthy and happy to ensure a bright future.

Have a wonderful school year!

Amy Garcia, RN, MSN
National Association of School Nurses Executive Director
Mother of 3 children 


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