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From NBC Action News: http://www.nbcactionnews.com/news/local/story/Too-Many-Businesses-Fail-Underage-Alcohol-Stings/pjrlpo8ZQ0iLGrTIm5nnKw.cspx

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – If you are a minor hoping to buy alcohol, your odds are pretty good. Those are the findings of Kansas City’s Regulated Industries Division, which oversees compliance with state liquor laws.

Investigators say a stunning number of the city’s bars, restaurants, convenience and liquor stores are breaking the law.

Since the beginning of the year, the division has gone out on the town with 18 to 20-year-old underage decoys to test any business in possession of a liquor license.

The underage buyers use their actual, state-issued driver’s licenses—clearly marked with red lettering in the upper right corner, which reads, “Not 21 until (21st Birthday).”

Girls are not allowed to wear excessive makeup or wear provocative clothing; guys can’t have facial hair or wear hats, according to Regulated Industries Manager Gary Majors.

“We want them to look young and we want them to get turned away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like,” Majors said.


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Thank you to all the participants that played in the 2009 STOP Underage Drinking Charity Golf Tournament.  The weather turned out to be beautiful for our postponed tournament, and the scores were pretty low!

Also, thank you to the Nicklaus Golf  Club at LionsGate for hosting the tournament, and Will Jenny’s Restaurant for providing the lunch.

The tournament funds drug-free role models with college scholarships, and we were happy to have our scholarship winners (Chelsea Didde, John Coler, Meg Swaggerty, and Alex Robinette) in attendance to be recognized.  Also, STOP’s Public Service Ad Contest Winners (Adam Lewis and Jordan Rogers) were there to receive their awards.

Photos will be posted soon at: www.jocostop.org.

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